Pace Film Division Vehicle Rental

Pace Car Rental has a film division to offer film and production rental vehicles. Pace offers rental vehicles such as trucks, bakkies and panel vans for Film, TV and advertising. Call today for a personalised quote that will match your needs today, 011 262 5500 or email

These vehicles can be rented out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. We have a specialised team ready to help you to meet your requirements. We will calculate the best rate for you according to your needs.

With years of credible experience in supporting the needs of the film industry, our Film Fleet division offers tailor made requirements of the film industry. Our fleet includes film industry equipped vehicles such as wardrobe rails. Vehicles are fitted with tow bars and tail lifts. We also build customised units according to our customer’s requirements.

Hyundai Panel Van Rental

Panel Van Rental

4 Ton Truck Rental With Tail Lift

4 Ton Truck Rental


Ford Ranger Diesel Bakkie Rental

Diesel Bakkie Rental from Pace. Ford Ranger Bakkie Rental


For more information on film vehicle hire, please call us on 011 262 5500 or email and speak to a professional and knowledgeable rental agent who will help with a quote that will certainly meet your needs