Rent automatic cars in South Africa from Pace Car Rental

Navigate the diverse and breathtaking terrains of South Africa with ease, thanks to Pace Car Rental’s wide selection of automatic vehicles. Perfect for driving through Johannesburg’s lively urban centers, taking scenic drives around Cape Town’s coastal roads, or exploring Pretoria’s historical landscapes, our automatic cars are designed to provide an effortless and enjoyable driving experience.

A Fleet Tailored to Your Needs

Our extensive fleet includes the latest models of automatic hatchbacks for city dwellers, luxurious sedans for sophisticated travelers, robust SUVs for adventure seekers, and spacious minibuses for group outings. With smooth and intuitive automatic transmissions, we ensure that your journey, whether for business engagements or leisure explorations, is as relaxing as possible.

Why Choose Pace for Your Automatic Car Rental?

  • Diverse vehicle options: From sleek hatchbacks to family-friendly minibuses, find the perfect automatic vehicle to match your travel needs.
  • Stress-free driving: Enjoy the simplicity and comfort of automatic transmissions, making every journey more enjoyable.
  • Unparalleled service: Experience the high standard of customer care and service excellence that Pace Car Rental is known for.