Rent Your Car with ISOFIX Car Seat or Baby Seat

Maxi-Cosy baby seat ISOFIX hook (left) and Joie booster seat hook (right)

Maxi-Cosy baby seat ISOFIX hook (left) and Joie booster seat hook (right)

Ensuring that the little ones are safe is so important. At Pace Car Rental, we have a range of car seat options for you to choose from. For a small once-off fee of R480, you can make a big difference to your loved ones’ safety.

For the ultimate in safety, we offer ISOFIX baby and booster seats. Since we believe in offering our clients the very best, we only stock leading brands such as:

  • Joie
  • Maxi-Cosi
  • Chicco
  • Safeway

Child Seats in Gauteng

Our Gauteng branches (Johannesburg, Kempton Park, and Pretoria) stock a wide range of options that are just right for your child’s needs and safety.

Gauteng Baby Seats

Seat CodeModel
Baby Seat 1Safeway Xtreme Baby Seat (0-13kg)
Baby Seat 2Chicco Baby Seat (0-13kg)
Baby Seat 3Chicco Baby Seat (0-13kg)
Baby Seat 4Safeway Xtreme Baby Seat (0-13kg)
Child Seat 1Joie Child Seat (0-25kg)
Child Seat 2Joie Child Seat (0-25kg)
Child Seat 3Joie Child Seat (0-25kg)
Child Seat 4Joie Child Seat (0-25kg)

Gauteng Booster Seats

Seat CodeModel
Booster 1Maxi-Cosi Booster Seat (15-36kg)
Booster 2Joie Booster Seat (15-36kg)
Booster 3Chelino Booster Seat (15-25kg)
Booster 4Joie Booster Seat (15-36kg)
Booster 5Joie Booster Seat (15-36kg)
Booster 6Joie Booster Seat (15-36kg)
Booster 7Joie Booster Seat (15-36kg)
Booster 8Joie Booster Seat (15-36kg)

Child Seats in Cape Town

We also have quality child seat options available from our Cape Town car rental branch.

Cape Town Baby Seats

Seat CodeModel
Baby Seat 5Chicco Baby Seat
Booster 1Joie Baby Seat
Ferrari 9-18kgChelino Baby Seat (9-18kg)
Graco & It 13kgChelino Baby Seat (0-13kg)
Safeway 15-36kgSafeway Xtreme Baby Seat (15-36kg)

Cape Town Booster Seats

Seat CodeModel
Backless 1Chelino Backless Booster Seat
Backless 2Maxi-Cosi Backless Booster Seat
Backless 3Maxi-Cosi Backless Booster Seat
Backless 4Chelino Backless Booster Seat
Backless 5Chicco Baby Seat
Backless 6Chicco Baby Seat
Backless P1Chicco Baby Seat
Fiesta BoosterSafeway Xtreme Baby Seat

How to Book a Baby Seat with Your Vehicle Rental

It really is simple to book your baby seat. Best of all, it can be done in just three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Book your vehicle and select the Baby Seat option.
  • Step 2: A Reservations Agent will be in touch to confirm which baby seat you want. You can view both our Gauteng and Cape Town options.
  • Step 3: Collect your baby seat or booster seat when you collect your rental vehicle.

Baby Seats

Maxi-Cosy baby seat

Maxi-Cosy baby seat

Our ISOFIX baby seats are designed for children weighing between 0kg and 13kg. The simple and secure ISOFIX mechanism is compatible with many car, minibus, and SUV rental options.

A secure strap designed to be placed behind the passenger seats will ensure that your infant is held securely in place during the journey. The mechanism is easy to connect to the seat, and the tension can easily be adjusted as needed.

The incline of the seat can also be used to angle the seat up a bit so that your little one can enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted nap while you are driving.

For very young infants, we also have forward-facing baby seats.

Each seat is thoroughly cleaned after use and is placed in a clear plastic bag. The seat is then safely stored and is ready for you to insert when you collect your rental vehicle.

Booster Seats

Joie booster seat

Joie booster seat

Our ISOFIX booster seats are suitable for children weighing between 15kg and 36kg. The locking mechanism keeps your child securely in place while you are travelling.

Unlike the baby seats, the booster seats do not have their own belts. Their clever design makes use of the vehicle’s seatbelt.

Simply connect the booster seat in place using the vehicle’s ISOFIX connectors and run the seatbelt through the relevant holders, and clip it in place.

Book Your Car Seat with Your Rental Car Today

Do you need an ISOFIX baby seat or booster seat with your rental? Let us know. Our expert Reservations Team will handle everything for you. Simply call us on 011 262 5500 or email to add an affordable child seat optional extra to your car rental.

Terms and conditions apply. Pace Car Rental is a member of SAVRALA (the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Agency).

VW Polo Vivo (Manual)

Group B+

VW Polo Vivo (Manual) or similar

  • 5 Passengers
  • Manual
  • Aircon
  • 5 Doors
Additional Features
    Nissan X-Trail 5-Seater SUV (Automatic)

    Group O

    Nissan X-Trail 5-Seater SUV (Automatic) or similar

    • 5 Passengers
    • Automatic
    • Aircon
    • 5 Doors
    Additional Features
      Toyota Fortuner 7-Seater SUV (Automatic)

      Group O+

      Toyota Fortuner 7-Seater SUV (Automatic) or similar

      • 7 Passengers
      • Automatic
      • Aircon
      • 5 Doors
      Additional Features
        Hyundai Staria 9-Seater (Automatic)

        Group E

        Hyundai Staria 9-Seater (Automatic) or similar

        • 9 Passengers
        • Automatic
        • Aircon
        • 5 Doors
        Additional Features
          Toyota Quantum 11-Seater (Manual)

          Group F

          Toyota Quantum 11-Seater (Manual) or similar

          • 11 Passengers
          • Manual
          • Aircon
          • 4 Doors
          Additional Features
            Toyota Quantum 14-Seater (Manual)

            Group X

            Toyota Quantum 14-Seater (Manual) or similar

            • 14 Passengers
            • Manual
            • Aircon
            • 4 Doors
            Additional Features