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From Humble Beginnings to National Car Rental Business

As with any entrepreneurial business our founder Grenville Salmon was previously employed by Imperial Car Rental and he thought “I can do this better”.  In May 2006 he bought one minibus.  As luck would have it, the first booking request was not for a minibus.  Quick planning meant that Grenville gave his mom his old GTI, he rented his mom’s car (new and shiny) to the customer and Gren drove the minibus. This started an exciting journey where Gren and his wife Berné, their driver Division and their friendly team (as we grew) started their wild ride to becoming a national brand with thousands of cars, with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Wer should not forget the teams of loyal staff all working as a team to help people get mobile and be productive in the economy.  Today Pace Car Rental is one of the largest privately owned, home grown car rental brands in South Africa.

Our Customer Service Motto

For the long term – At Pace we don’t try to overload customers with hidden charges, we believe in offering all-inclusive good value car rental at prices that are reasonable.  Whether you are renting a car for a day or a monthly, we want to have a long-term relationship with you.

Our Clients

Pace Car Rental specialise in off-airport rentals and executive meet and greet services at the major airports. We also specialise in the insurance car replacement business, the film industry, long term car rental, minibus hire, van rental, panel van hire and bakkie rentals. Part of being great at off airport rentals is accepting enquiries for cash car rental and car rental with out a credit card.

Our Mission

Pace Car Rental has the mission of helping people get mobile and do their business, by providing good value for money vehicle rental in South Africa (Johannesburg, Sandton, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth).

We are not here just to do a job, we are here to grow.  That means doing it with excellence.  We build our clients, our staff and our community.   That is to say that we are supplying a vehicle that makes a person’s life better whether it be for leisure or business, we are here, if you are studying, the company is here to train you and build you up, and we will always try to build our community, our country and those around us.

Our BEE Status

At Pace Car Rental we are proud of our BEE status as a South African company that promotes the .

Click here to download a copy of our BEE certificate

Giving Back – Supporting the Aluwani Foundation

At Pace, we believe in giving something back to the community in order to help build and uplift our beautiful country. We proudly support the Aluwani Foundation, The Lonely Road Foundation ‘Aluwani’  is a South African development organisation that aims to improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in the rural community of Ga-Dikgale, Limpopo.

They focus on community-driven support, aiming to provide any necessary education and training to community volunteers, as well as establishing sustainable and scalable cooperative businesses to provide essential products to meet the needs of the children as well as to meet the needs of the community at large.

SAVRALA Membership

At Pace, we are proud of our SAVRALA (South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing) membership.  SAVRALA is the representative voice of South Africa’s vehicle rental, leasing and fleet manager sector with a combined membership footprint of more than 600 branches nationwide.

SAVRALA is instrumental in steering industry standards and is committed to raising the professional profile of the collective industries. They continuously strive to protect both their members’ interests, and those of the public and are therefore widely respected within corporate and government sectors.

Why Choose Pace Car Rental For your Next South African Car Hire

So often when renting a vehicle you get the invoice and it differs so great from the quote you received, a variety of admin fees, extra kilometres and extra insurance products are added onto the invoice.  At Pace, we aim to deliver “honest all-inclusive car rental” with everything you need, quoted in the original quotation.  Extras are clearly highlighted.

If you are looking for a cheap car rental option in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban or Port Elizabeth, give Pace Car Rental a call on 011 262 5500 now to book.