Rent to Buy cars in South Africa from Pace Car Rental

Empower Your Journey with Rent to Buy Cars

Unlock the path to vehicle access with our Rent to Buy cars program, a partnership designed with SA Motor Lease to provide previously loved, off-fleet vehicles to those in need. Tailored specifically for individuals facing credit challenges or blacklisted statuses, our program focuses on affordability over credit history. If you have a steady income, the opportunity to drive and eventually own your car is within reach.

We Assist Blacklisted Individuals

Understanding that traditional credit agreements can be a barrier, Rent to Buy offers a unique solution that simplifies the process of getting you behind the wheel. This approach is particularly beneficial for those seeking cars for blacklisted individuals, as it emphasizes your ability to pay monthly over past financial challenges.

Why Choose Rent to Buy Cars?

  • Accessibility: The Rent to Buy program is designed to make accessing a vehicle easier, especially for individuals with blacklisted status or those struggling to secure traditional financing.
  • Flexibility: With a focus on monthly affordability, SA Motor Lease offers a solution that adapts to your financial situation, allowing you to invest in your future without the weight of conventional credit agreements.
  • Opportunity: Rent to Buy presents an opportunity to not only drive a reliable vehicle but also to work towards purchasing it for just R100, providing a sense of security and investment in your personal and professional mobility.