Long Term Car Rental & Monthly Car Hire South Africa

Long Term Car Rental & Monthly Car Hire

Pace Car Rental is the home of the cheapest long term car rental in South Africa. Whether you need a long term car hire or monthly car hire for more than 30 days, or even a long term car lease of up to 48 months, Pace can help!

Pace has a wide range of monthly car hire options. We also have branches throughout South Africa: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth). Furthermore, we have a branch in Durban that specializes in rentals of 3 months or more.

Call our national reservations number on 011 262 5500 or e-mail info@pacecarrental.co.za and one of our expert and friendly Reservations Agents will gladly assist you.

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48 Month Rent To Buy Vehicles          Long Term Car Rental Specials In Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

The Cheapest Long Term Car Rental in Town

At Pace, we also understand the tough economic pressures currently experienced in South Africa that are already impacting on our clients’ monthly budget. We go the extra mile in order to ensure that we can offer the cheapest long term car rental rates in town, if you don’t mind driving a car with higher mileage. Please call in and ask one of our reservations agents if we have any off-fleet vehicles available. The same car at a cheaper rate than normal, the only difference is the mileage is slightly higher. This is also subject to limited availability.

Are You Blacklisted? Do You Need a Car? We can Help

Are you creditworthy but blacklisted and in dire need of reliable transport in South Africa? Pace Car Rental offers a wide range of long term car hire options for creditworthy and blacklisted individuals. If you need a reliable cheap monthly car hire in South Africa and you are creditworthy or blacklisted, call us on 011 262 5500 now. You can speak to one of our friendly long term car rental specialists about our various rental options for creditworthy, people under debt review or blacklisted individuals.

For more information, you can also contact our Rent to Buy department on 011 640 5000.

Why Choose Pace Car Rental for Your Long Term Car Rental?

  • We go the extra mile in order to ensure that we offer cheap long term car rental rates; thereby living up to our mission of helping people get mobile and conduct their business.
  • At Pace, we keep our cars serviced strictly according to manufacturers’ standards to ensure the safety of our car hire clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.
  • We do not overload our clients with hidden charges. We believe in offering an all-inclusive, affordable car rental alternative. Whether you choose to rent the car for a day or on a monthly basis. We believe in the approach of “what you see is what you get.”
  • Our staff have struck that rare balance of being professional and friendly at the same time. Our expert reservations team will gladly assist with whatever issues you might have. They are one phone call or email away. Call us on 011 262 5500 or email info@pacecarrental.co.za for expert and friendly assistance.
  • Our simple terms and conditions make it easier than ever to rent your own vehicle.
  • It is even possible to rent a car without a credit card! Pace offers cash car rental as a a convenient alternative!

long term car rental with PaceBenefits of Long Term Car Rental with Pace

There are many benefits to renting a car for the long term with Pace.

Try Before You Buy

Are you planning to purchase a vehicle? Renting the same car for 30 days or more is an affordable way of testing the car to see if you are happy with it.

Cheaper than Public Transport

Renting a car from Pace is a cheaper and safer alternative to public transport. Our vehicles are thoroughly sanitized for your safety, and are regularly maintained.

Savings on Your Long Term Car Rental

If you rent a car with Pace for a long term, you actually save money. For instance, the daily rate on a Group A vehicle is almost 48% cheaper when you rent for 30 days or more!

The Choice is Yours

Unlike public transport, you actually have a choice in what vehicle you ride in. Depending on your requirements, we have the vehicle to help you. Whether you need an 8 ton truck with a tail lift or a luxury vehicle, Pace has the right car for the job! Click here to find the right car to suit your needs.

Flexible Terms

Pace has easy terms and conditions, with easy car rental requirements. If you need easy long term car rental or monthly car rental, Pace is the place! You can view our terms and conditions by clicking here.

No Depreciation Costs

You can drive a quality car for a long time and not have to worry about the depreciation costs at the end of your rental!

Better for Your Budget! 

Whether you are the head of finance at a large company or an intern starting out, you need to budget. By renting a car on a long term car rental deal, you have a clear idea of what the costs will be. This means that you can plan the rest of your budget better.

Customer Service

 At Pace, we are with you every step of the way! If you need any help during your long term car rental, we are always ready and willing to assist you! With Pace Car Rental, there are no hidden charges or unexpected costs. The price you see is the price you get.

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Pace Car Rental is a member of the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Agency (SAVRALA).