Long term car rental in Umhlanga from Pace Car Rental

Experience the best of Umhlanga, from its stunning beaches to its vibrant village atmosphere, with Pace Car Rental. Our long term car rental options are crafted to meet the diverse needs of your journey, ensuring you enjoy every moment in this coastal paradise without any mobility constraints.

Benefits of Choosing Long Term Car Rental in Umhlanga with Pace

  • Cost-effective solutions: Our competitive long term rates are designed to provide you with significant savings, making your extended stay in Umhlanga both enjoyable and affordable.
  • Flexible rental terms: Whether you need a vehicle for a month or are looking for a year-long lease, we offer the flexibility to adjust your rental term according to your specific requirements.
  • Diverse fleet for every preference: Our wide selection of vehicles, including sleek sedans for city drives and robust SUVs for adventurous outings, ensures you find the perfect match for your taste and needs.

Ready to Book Your Long Term Rental in Umhlanga?

Our dedicated Reservations Team is eager to assist you in selecting the ideal monthly car hire option in Umhlanga. Explore our vehicle range below, or reach out to us at 031 350 4922 to secure your long term rental today.