Vehicle Lease from Three Months Upwards

Are you in between cars at the moment? Has your application for car finance been declined? Why not apply for a vehicle lease from Pace Car Rental?

Are you in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Port Elizabeth for 3 months or longer and need a monthly car rental?

Pace Car Rental brings you the solution with a wide range of quality vehicles available on our vehicle lease car rental program. Vehicle leasing/month to month leasing or short private leases are ideal for people that need to rent a car for more than 3 months and do not want to buy a car or do not qualify for vehicle finance.

Benefits of a Vehicle Lease from Pace Car Rental

–  Access to the latest model cars with the newest safety features and technology.
–  24-hour roadside assistance.
–  You don’t have all the debt and strings attached as is the case when you buy a car through vehicle finance.
–  No extra costs of servicing and maintaining the car as, it is the responsibility of the car rental company.
–  You don’t have to stress about losing out on the resale value of the car.
–  Pay by EFT, cash or credit card

If you are looking for a long term month to month car rental? Look no further! Pace Car Rental has a wide range of vehicles for hire from 1-2 months, on a month to month basis, if you are not looking to lease a car longer term.

Why be stuck without a car any longer?  Take action today and call us on 011 262 5500 to inquire about our vehicle leasing car rental deals. You can drive the car of your dreams in absolutely no time. If you require the vehicle for a longer period of time, be sure to check out the long term car lease deals from Pace Fleet Services.