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Bakkie Hire in South Africa from Pace Car Rental

Do you need to hire a bakkie for business or personal use? Pace Car Rental is the trusted bakkie rentals company. With branches throughout the major cities in South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Gqeberha), we are one call or email away. You can also complete our easy online booking form, and a Reservations Agent will get back to you.

A bakkie is one of the most used vehicles in South Africa to move small to medium loads around. Look no further than Pace when it comes to booking a bakkie. Should you require a vehicle that can carry a greater load, Pace also does panel van rental. These vehicles are ideal for the film and television industries.

Bakkie Rental Rates

We are based in all major cities in South Africa. You can view the relevant rental rates below.

Our Fleet

Pace Car Rental’s bakkie fleet consists of several vehicle groups.

You have the option of a towbar and canopy on all our bakkie rentals at no additional charge. The extra kilometer rates are also kept low to reduce your bakkie rental costs further.

Pace Car Rental also accepts cash as a form of payment for your rental. So, if you are looking for a bakkie rental without a credit card, EFT bakkie rental, or bakkie rental with cash, Pace can help you.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a particular vehicle within a group.

Your Bakkie Hire Options

Whether you are looking for a half-ton bakkie, one-ton bakkie, 4×2 bakkie, 4×4 bakkie, single cab bakkie, or double cab bakkie, we have the vehicle to meet your needs. Here are the differences between the various bakkie types.


  • Half-ton bakkies are not designed to carry excessive loads as they have smaller engines and loading areas than the one-ton bakkies. This is perfect if you need more loading capacity than the boot of your car, but not big enough to justify renting a 1-ton bakkie. These vehicles also tend to be more fuel-efficient.
  • One-ton bakkies have stronger engines and a bigger loading area designed for carrying bigger or heavier loads, but use more fuel.

Drive Type:

  • 4×2 bakkies tend to be more economical.
  • 4×4 bakkies offer the ability to negotiate tougher terrain, whilst being heavier on fuel.

Cab Type:

  • Single cab bakkies have more loading space than double cab bakkies, but not as much space in the cabin for passengers.
  • Double cab bakkies have more passenger space than single cab bakkies, whilst often having less loading space in the back.

Contact Pace for Bakkie Hire

For the best bakkie rental deals in South Africa, choose Pace Car Rental today. Our friendly Reservations Agents are ready to help you find the right car for your needs. Simply contact us to get started on your journey.

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Terms and conditions apply. Pace Car Rental is a member of SAVRALA (the Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Agency).