Sprinter High Roof Panel Van Rental – 2.5 Ton High Roof Panel Van Rental

High Roof Panel Van Rental (2.5 Ton)– The high roof panel van is the perfect panel van for the television and film industry, it has enough space inside to walk and can be used as a wardrobe van or camera van easily.   The vehicle has seating for 3 people on the front seat and the rear is enclosed for easy and safe transport of goods.

The Sprinter High Roof Panel Van is the next level for panel vans in terms of the industry standard, and has plenty of space for goods to be loaded in the back, making it possible for a tall person to stand up and move about in the load compartment, if you would like to use it as a working space while the vehicle is parked.

The vehicle is equipped with air-conditioner so your team can keep cool while they do their work, in their van rental.

We understand that our customers need to meet very specific challenges in their day-to-day work. And as these demands are becoming larger by the day, Pace has made available the Sprinter High Roof Panel Van for rental.

  • Daily (1-6 days) rate: R1,223 per day (Includes Super cover and 200kms free per day)
  • Weekly (7-29 days) rate: Rate R1,035 per day (includes Super Cover and 200kms free per day)
  • Monthly (30+ days) rate: R21,720 per month (includes Super Cover and 100kms free per day)

Your business is one of a kind and so is the way you use this panel van rental, different types of panel vans on our fleet.  This Sprinter is everything you could possibly want from a van​​​​

A business focused vehicle featuring larger volumes, a more accessible loading platform and lower fuel consumption. The new Sprinter High Roof Panel van has been completely redesigned to meet every need of tough medium commercial transport.​​

The capacity has been optimized, with the perfect balance between redesigned wheelbases, total length and load compartment length.​​​​​​​​​


The capacity of the 2.5 Ton Sprinter High Roof Panel Van Rental has been optimized, with the perfect balance between redesigned wheelbases, total length and load compartment length. The maximum front and rear axle loads too are top-ranked in their class.

Loading and Accessibility

Various height, door and securing options make it quick and easy to pack up and go, so you won’t waste any time between jobs. And because of the efficient use of space in all the Sprinter panel van, you’ll find a place for everything.


This model comes with a high specification as standard, from safety and loading features to comfort and styling. Definitely a transport professional!

Driving Experience and Comfort

The driving position and comfort are similar to a top range car. The dashboard has been redesigned to ensure the driver has a comfortable control of the vehicle while in the correct driving position.​​​​​


​​​With rear drive – it guarantees traction and pick-up at engine start. The 2.5 Ton Panel Van is the only vehicle in its class to use industrial-lined engines, optimized for heavy-duty performance and able to reach high mileage while keeping maximum efficiency.​

Be sure to find out more from our friendly reservations agents on 011 262 5500 or send us an email on info@pacecarrental.co.za