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While many people might think of vehicle protection as installing an alarm system or anti-theft device, this is all too often not enough. In times such as these, extra protection is required. It is for this reason that Pace Car Rental has started an armoured car divisionPace Armoured.

About Our Armoured Cars

One might imagine that an armoured car resembles something like a tank or military vehicle. This is not the case. Just about any car can be fitted with armouring. These include vehicles like sedans, hatchbacks, and bakkies. While their outward appearance looks like any car on the showroom floor, these cars are fitted with bullet resistant armouring to keep you and your passengers safe.

Pace Armoured offers our customers two different levels of protection: the entry-level B4 and the more comprehensive B6. Before you decide on the protection level that you require, there are some important points that you need to consider:

  • What type of vehicle will you be needing?
  • What exactly do you intend to use the vehicle for?
  • How great is the threat you are expecting to face?

Armoured Car Protection Levels

Current vehicle protection levels range from B1 to B7. It is rare for vehicles to be fitted with armouring from B1 to B3, and B7 is normally reserved for military-grade vehicles or for people who have the relevant permits. It is important to note that selecting a higher protection level comes with a trade-off. While you will be more comprehensively protected, the vehicle will both weigh more and have less practicality.

While lighter protection such as B4 does not protect one from assault rifles and conventional rifles, the reduced weight of the vehicle makes it easier to drive away quicker.

The below table summarises the different levels of protection afforded to you.

Protection LevelGun TypeExample
B4HandgunMagnum .44
B5Assault RifleAK-47
B6RifleWinchester .308

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