Nissan NP200 Half Ton Diesel Bakkie Rentals

half ton diesel bakkie rental

Pace Car Rental offer the best deals on the NP200 half ton diesel bakkie rental.  These bakkies come equipped with airbags and all the requirements to make them mine-safe and safe for any commercial use.

If you would like to rent a diesel bakkie from Pace today, simply click here to access our booking form. We do have other great options to suit your hiring requirements. For bakkie leasing from 12 to 36 months that includes great extras such as maintenance and tyres, visit our bakkie lease page. If you are blacklisted or have a low credit score, we also offer 48-month Rent to Buy bakkie deals in Johannesburg to help you get back on your feet. You might also want to consider our Rent to Own bakkie deals for companies looking to take their businesses to the next level.

So whatever your needs for your bakkie rentals and bakkie leasing Pace can help.

Why does Half Ton Diesel Bakkie rental make sense?

A half ton diesel bakkie uses far less fuel than a petrol vehicle and they have better power, which means that you will be able to safely carry your load, and save money.  The rental price may be slightly higher, but you can be guaranteed to save at least 25% on your fuel bill with a diesel bakkie. With a load an NP200 petrol bakkie will use about R1,50 of fuel per km.  You can expect that to drop to R1,10 in a diesel bakkie.  Factors that influence the fuel economy:

  • Speed
  • Canopy shape
  • Weight of load
  • Driving style

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