A simple question, yet at times somewhat misunderstood, is: How does car rental work in South Africa? This simple guide will tell you all you need to know about how car rental works in South Africa!

Understand how car rental works in South Africa

The following things will be made clear for you:

  • What to expect/do when booking a rental vehicle.
  • What not to do when booking a vehicle.
  • Things to think about.
  • What is a rate car and how do you use it?
  • Definition of VAT and how it affects you.
  • How do kilometers work in the rental world?
  • How are accidents dealt with?

Steps in booking a car from Pace

Step 1: Request a booking or quotation. This can be done from our simple booking form.

Step 2: Supply all the necessary information. We require a copy of your ID, driving license, and your completed booking form.

Step 3: Collect the vehicle and bring all the required documents.

Step 4: Adhere to rules as per the rental agreement.

What to expect/do when booking a rental vehicle

There are many car rental companies in South Africa. The important thing is to find a car rental company that best understands your needs, which is something that we pride ourselves in at Pace. Offering amazing services such as cash car rentals, and with our wide range of vehicles to choose from, the right vehicle at the right price is only one click away!

What not to do when booking a rental vehicle

  • If, for example, you are a production company renting a vehicle, do not assume that the rental company understands all the technical jargon around the film industry.
  • Do not leave out any important information about your rental (such as the delivery date, time, address, contact details), as this could lead to some hiccups.
  • Do not request a vehicle telephonically without an email follow-up or confirmation.

Other things to think about

  • How much mileage do you require?
  • How many passengers are there?
  • Who will the driver(s) be?
  • What sort of terrain will you drive on?
  • How long is the rental going to be for?
  • Do you require extras such as a GPS, driver, or car seat?

What a rate card is and how you use it

A rate card gives you a clear view of what you are required to pay for each vehicle Group, which will allow you to plan and budget accordingly. View our rental rates by choosing the relevant branch or location.

A rate card should specify the rental costs, delivery and collection costs, additional driver costs, contract fees, and free kilometers driven. All costs should include VAT.

How kilometers work in the car rental world

The rental company offers you a daily kilometer limit. Typically, the most common limit one would find is 200 kilometers per day. Any kilometers used above will be billed thereafter. Some rental companies, however, do offer unlimited mileage as an option.

How accidents are dealt with

The first thing one should do is report any incident to the car rental company as soon as possible. In some instances, it might be best to call the after-hours number rather than sending an email. Our after-hours numbers are:

Do not take matters into your own hands and try to tow the vehicle yourself. Most car rental companies have their own towing service providers for such incidents.

Call the police immediately in the event of an accident.

Be sure to check and note any damages to the vehicle.

It is also very important to get the details of other persons involved.

Further reading about how car rental works

For further information about how car rental works, you can view our FAQs or contact us via email at info@pacecarrental.co.za or via telephone on 011 262 5500.