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Car Rental Port Elizabeth Rates

Please note: Bookings outside office hours may be subject to an after-hours fee which can then be added at time of confirmation as the refundable deposit is added.

Our office hours are:

Monday-Friday: 08:00-17:00

Saturday: 09:00-12:00

Sunday 09:00-11:00

Super Cover & Theft Waiver Included

For enquiries about our Port Elizabeth car rental rates or to book, email us at info@cometcar.co.za or call us on 041 581 4904. View our range or book your vehicle now.  Super cover and theft waiver included. Rates effective from 07 October 2020.







GroupCar Type or similarDaily Rate 200km/day7+ Days 200km/dayMonthly Rate 100km/dayExtra (R per Km)Refundable Security DepositLiabilityBooking
AChev Spark 1.2L, Kia Picanto or similarR300R260R5,199R 2.42R3,800R3,800Enquire Now
PAKia Picanto (Automatic) or similarR350R290R7,499R2.42R3,800R3,800Enquire Now
BVW Polo Vivo Hatch, Ford Figo, Renault Sandero or similarR390R350R6,690R3.53R3,800R3,800Enquire Now
B+Renault Clio (Manual) or similarR410R350R7,110R3.53R4,000R4,000Enquire Now
CFord Figo Sedan, Nissan Almera or similarR430R370R7,499R3.83R4,500R4,500Enquire Now
DVW Polo Vivo / Kia Rio Sedan (Automatic) or similarR465R410R8,700R4.04R4,500R4,500Enquire Now
GBMW 3 Series or Mercedes Benz C-Class (Automatic)R900R780R18,000R7.06R6,500R6,500Enquire Now
OToyota Rav 4 SUV (Manual) or similarR720R620R14,700R5.55R6,000R6,000Enquire Now
O+Toyota Fortuner SUV 7 Seater (Automatic) or similarR1,100R920R20,700R5.55R7,500R7,500Enquire Now
JNissan NP200 Half Ton Bakkie or similarR400R330R6,900R3.53R3,800R3,800Enquire Now
IToyota Avanza 7 seaterR620R570R9,300R4.04R4,500R4,500Enquire Now
N Ford EcoSport R550R450R9,450R5,55R5,500R5,500Enquire Now
EHyundai H1 or similarR1,250R1,000R19,800R7.06R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
FToyota Luxury Kombi 10 / 11 seaterR1,250R1,000R19,800R7.06R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
HNissan NP 300 Petrol BakkieR490R450R9,900R2.02R5,000R7,000Enquire Now
HD+Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger Single Cab or similarR520R450R9,900R2.02R5,000R7,000Enquire Now
HXFord Ranger 4x 4 Single Cab BakkieR945R760R19,200R5.55R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
HHToyota Hilux, Ford Ranger double cab 4x2 or similarR1,246R1,111R15,900R5.55R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
HHXFord Ranger 4x 4 Double Cab A/T BakkieR1,200R885R20,700R5.55R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
QToyota Quantum High Roof Panel Van or similarR1,000R800R15,800R7.06R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
Q +2.5 Ton High Roof Sprinter / Food Transit Panel Van or similarR1,200R950R15,800 R7.06R9,000R11,000Enquire Now

Standard Cover Rates

Effective until 30 September 2020.


GroupCar Type or similarDaily Rate
7+ Days
Monthly Rate
Extra (R per Km)Refundable Security DepositLiabilityBooking
AChev Spark 1.2L, Kia Picanto or similarR280R240R4,599R2.42R 12,000R 12,000Enquire Now
PAutoKia Picanto Automatic or similarR330R310R7,499R2.42R12,000R 12,000Enquire Now
BVW Polo Vivo Hatch / Ford Fiesta
or similar
R370R330R6,090R3.53R12,000R 12,000Enquire Now
B+Renault Clio (Manual) or similar
or similar
R390R330R6,510R3.53R12,000R 12,000Enquire Now
CKia Rio Sedan / Nissan Almera or SimilarR400R340R6,599R3.83R12,000R12,000Enquire Now
DVW Polo Vivo Sedan
(Automatic) or similar
R435R380R7,800R4.04R12,000R12,000Enquire Now
GBMW 3 Series / Mercedes Benz C180 (Automatic) or similarR835R715R16,050R7.06R22,000R22,000Enquire Now
OToyota RAV4 SUV (Manual) or similarR655R555R12,750R5.55R17,000R17,000Enquire Now
O+Toyota Fortuner SUV 7 Seater
(automatic or similar)
R1,035R855R18,750R5.55R22,000R22,000Enquire Now
JChevrolet Half Ton Bakkie or similarR380R310R6,300R3.53R12,000R12,000Enquire Now
IToyota Avanza
7 seater
R580R530R8,100R4.04R12,000R12,000Enquire Now
EHyundai H1 or similarR1,185R935R17,850R7.06R22,000R22,000Enquire Now
FToyota Quantum
10 seater
R1,185R935R17,850R7.06R22,000R12,000Enquire Now
HNissan NP 300 Petrol / Diesel with Towbar and CanopyR445R405R8,550R2.02R17,000R17,000Enquire Now
HD+Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger Single Cab or Similar. With Towbar and Canopy. Petrol / DieselR475R405R8,550R2.02R17,000R17,000Enquire Now
HHToyota Hilux, Ford Ranger double cab 4x2 or similarR1,181R1,046R13,950R5.55R22,000R22,000Enquire Now
HHXFord Ranger double cab 4x4 (Automatic) BakkieR1,135R820R18,750R5.55R22,000R22,000Enquire Now
QToyota Quantum High Roof Panelvan or similarR935R735R13,850R7.06R22,000R22,000Enquire Now
Q+2.5 Ton High Roof Sprinter/Ford Panel van or similarR1,135R885R17,850R7.06R22,000R22,000Enquire Now
R520R420R7,650R5.55R12,000R12,000Enquire Now

We pick up and drop off at Cape Town International Airport and Port Elizabeth Airport.  Because our locations are just off-airport, we do not charge an airport surcharge.

Port Elizabeth Rates Include:

  • Daily Rate – 200km free per day
  • Between 7 and 30 days rate – 200km free per day
  • Monthly Rental Rate – 3 000km per month
  • Collision Damage Waiver (Liability Above)
  • Theft Waver (Liability Above)
  • Value Added Tax at 15%

Port Elizabeth Rates Exclude:

  • Delivery and collection fee – R280 within 25km, R320 within 50km, R350 after hours, R400 after hours and within 50km
  • Toll fees and any other fees incurred by the user, plus and admin fee of R50 if tolls used
  • All liability as above
  • Additional driver – R250 per additional driver
  • GPS Rental – R80 per day or R320 per month
  • Optional equipment (eg. Baby seat – R300)
  • Personal insurance of any nature
  • Traffic fine handling fee – R280
  • Claim handling fee – R550 per incident
  • Contract fee – R75 (per rental agreement)
  • Cross border surcharge – R1350 (once-off)
  • Changeover fee if vehicle is found to be in good condition – R350
  • Changeover free of charge if mechanical issues found with vehicle
  • Fuel
  • Tyre and Windscreen Waivers at an additional R35 per day
  • A fee of R250 is applicable for international clients who require a refund to be done in an international account


Pace reserves the right: to replace vehicle models with similar specifications. Our insurance does not cover gravel roads/glass/tyres/rims/negligence. Acceptance of waivers limits the renter’s liability to the compulsory excesses as above. Should the waiver be declined, the hirer is responsible for the full vehicle excess value of R12 000

After selecting a reputable rental company like Pace Car Rental Port Elizabeth you can start to compare rates.  When comparing rates for your Jozi Car Rental there are three factors you should consider:

  • Vehicle type: Are you getting the vehicle you need, do you need a trunk/boot,  do you require a rental car with power steering, aircon etc.
  • Waivers: What excess do you require for your rental car, this makes a big difference
    for your rental quotation.
  • Free kilometres: In some car rental deals, you get the car cheap but no free kilometres.  In other cases, you pay more but get unlimited kilometres.  You need to choose the best option for your car rental needs.

Click here for more useful information on Pace or click here to find out why renting from Pace is better.

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