Looking for unbeatable bakkie rental in Cape Town? Pace Car Rental offers a diverse range of bakkies to meet every need. Whether you are planning a family holiday or need a reliable bakkie for your next construction project, we provide both variety and affordability to match your requirements.

A Range Tailored for Your Needs

Our Cape Town bakkie hire selection is meticulously chosen to cater to various demands. Our range includes:

  • Family-friendly bakkies for holiday adventures.
  • Robust bakkies for construction and heavy-duty tasks.

Why Choose Pace for Bakkie Rental in Cape Town?

  • Customer-focused service: At Pace, we prioritise your needs and ensure a seamless rental experience.
  • Wide selection: Our extensive range caters to all preferences, ensuring you find the perfect bakkie for your trip.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Enjoy competitive rates while avoiding extra costs on your personal vehicle.