Bakkie Rental in Johannesburg

bakkie rental JohannesburgPace Car Rental has many quality options for your next bakkie rental in Johannesburg. We understand that each individual customer has their own needs and preferences, which is why our versatile bakkie rental range has something to suit everyone.

When deciding on which bakkie rental option works best for you, there are several things that one should consider. If you are looking for more cabin space, a single cab bakkie might suit your needs better, whereas a double cab bakkie offers you more cabin space.

If you are planning to travel on rugged or challenging terrain, a  would suit your needs better, whilst a 4×2 bakkie offers better fuel economy due to the fact that the engine is not driving all four wheels.

The fuel type is also something that needs to be looked at when renting a bakkie. You might find that a petrol bakkie gives you a smoother and quieter ride than a diesel bakkie, but that a diesel bakkie gives you more pulling power than than a petrol bakkie.

The transmission type is also an important factor in choosing your bakkie rental option. This is largely due to personal preference and driving style, but a manual gearbox might afford you better fuel economy whereas an automatic gearbox makes for an easier ride.

Bakkie Rental Johannesburg Rates

Rates effective from 4 January 2022.

GroupCar Type or similarDaily Rate 200km/day7+ Days 200km/dayMonthly Rate 100km/dayExtra (R per Km)Refundable Security DepositLiabilityBooking
JNissan NP200 Half Ton Bakkie or similarR430R356R7,350R3.53R3,400R3,400Enquire Now
J+Nissan NP200 Half Ton Diesel Bakkie or similarR461R388R8,250R3.53R3,400R3,400Enquire Now
HGWM Steed 5 or similarR485R433R8,700R2.02R5,000R5,000Enquire Now
HD+Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger Single Cab or similarR650R481R12,900R2.35R5,000R7,000Enquire Now
HXFord Ranger 4x 4 Single Cab BakkieR958R795R18,500R5.55R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
HHToyota Hilux, Ford Ranger double cab 4x2 or similarR1,115R905R20,300R5.55R7,000R7,000Enquire Now
HHXFord Ranger 4x 4 Double Cab A/T BakkieR1,572R1,309R23,700R5.55R7,000R7,000Enquire Now

In addition to Super Cover theft and liability waivers, your rental rate includes 200 km per day (for bookings between 1 and 29 days) or 3,000 km per month for long term rentals, as well as Value Added Tax.

Please note that bookings in Johannesburg that are less than 3 days have a surcharge of R50 per day.

View our rental rate breakdown.

Things to See in Johannesburg

Whether you are visiting Johannesburg alone or with your spouse and children, there is a lot to see and do. Should you want to take your family on an off-road adventure, simply rent a double cab 4×4 bakkie and enjoy your adventure. Also, a 4×4 bakkie rental option is the perfect choice if you are planning to visit the game reserve.

Those who are looking for a scenic drive over less rugged terrain can rent a 4×2 bakkie. We have both single cab 4×2 and double cab 4×2 rental options available.

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