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Rent a Bakkie from Pace Bakkie & Van Rental Today

Do you want to hire a bakkie in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Cape Town  for business or personal use? Do you have an unexpected load to carry or deliver? Pace Car Rental is a trusted bakkie rentals company in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.  Pace also does Panel Van Rental, and has a fleet of panel vans on fleet, ideal for commercial use such as film & tv production.

Our rental bakkie fleet consists of:

  •   Nissan NP300 Bakkies (Petrol)
  •  Nissan NP200 Bakkies (Half Ton)
  •   Chev Utility Bakkies (Half Ton)
  •   Nissan NP200 Bakkies (Half Ton)
  •   Ford Ranger Double & Single Cab (Automatic Transmission and Diesel*)
  •   Toyota Hilux Double & Single Cab

You have the option of a towbar and canopy on all our bakkie rentals at no additional chargeThe extra kilometer rates are also kept low to keep your costs low.  Pace Car Rental also accepts cash* as a form of payment, so if you are looking for a bakkie rental without a credit card*, or eft bakkie rental*, or bakkie rental with cash*, Pace can help you.

Deciding between a 1 ton and half ton bakkie hire?

  • 1 Ton Bakkies: has a stronger engine and a bigger loading area designed for carrying bigger/ heavier loads but it uses more fuel.
  • Half ton bakkies: are not designed to carry excessive loads as they have smaller engines and loading areas than the 1 ton bakkies. (This is perfect if you need more loading capacity than the boot of your car, but not big enough to justify renting a 1 ton bakkie). These vehicles are more fuel efficient.
  • Pace Bakkie Rental also offers single cab and double cab bakkie rentals.

Why Do We Hire Nissan Hardbody NP300 Bakkies (Group H)

Nissan bakkies represent a good value for money rental vehicle for us.  The vehicle has a large engine suitable for carrying large loads, and for towing trailers with large loads.  The engine is 2.4 litre petrol which allows suitable power and speed. It will be our pleasure to help you when you need quotations for bakkie hire, dont look further than Pace.

Book your Bakkie Hire in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Cape Town online now or call us on 011 262 5500 /  to enquire about our bakkie and van rental specials.

*Terms and Conditions Apply