During summer South Africa’s roads are packed with excited travellers and locals embarking on road trip adventures. Flying to a destination may be quick in comparison.  Flight costs can get expensive and take a large sum of money away from your holiday budget. Road trips allow us to add to our holidays, making the journey just as much a holiday as the destination. If you haven’t been on a road trip in South Africa, here are our top reasons why you should.

Top Reasons Why you Should Go On a Road Trip in South Africa

  • South African roads offer incredible views; unparalleled by anywhere else in the world. Regardless of where you’ve decided to travel to you’ll find yourself cruising along beautiful scenic passes and seaside cliff roads. As you drive you can watch the scenery change outside of your window. Travelling through the country is truly remarkable and will show you a true reflection of the beauty of South Africa.
  • South Africa’s roads are safe and drivers are courteous. During the summer months and festive seasons. Traffic cops are stationed along the main roads to ensure that everybody is driving safely and adhering to the law. Cameras monitors toll gates to ensure that your journey runs smoothly.
  • There are numerous petrol stations and places to stop for a bite to eat en route. All rest stops have cafe or restaurant facilities, while others have activities for the children and exciting local produce shops to wander through. Petrol and toilet facilities are available at each stop.
  • South African cities and famous tourist destinations can be reached after relatively painless drives. Major cities can be reached after just a day’s drive.
  • Car rental is easily available to anyone, therefore some companies even offer their services to under twenty-one-year-olds. Many tourists choose to fly to Johannesburg and make use of car hire in Johannesburg from the centrally situated city for their South African adventures.

Renting a Car for Your Cross Border Road Trip

Many car rental companies offer their clients the opportunity to take their vehicles into other southern African countries. Pace Car Rental is just one of the few car hire companies which allow their clients to take their cars into Zimbabwe.

Road trips are a great way to reconnect with your friends and bond with family members. Share stories, listen to music and watch the beautiful scenery of South Africa breeze past you while you cruise towards your destination.

Plan a laid back schedule and be sure to take your time driving along beautiful mountain passes and through the vibrant and unique towns of South Africa. For an experience of a life time, start your journey from Johannesburg with Pace Car Rental and make sure to travel on a car packed full of your closest loved ones. Whether you choose to explore the coastal regions, the bushveld areas or combine the two while travelling to and from cities, we can assure you the holiday you’ve been dreaming of.