Pace Car Rental is offering a new service which will help our customers monitor their vehicles’ movements.

Are you a company or individual needing to rent out bakkies or private vehicles to collect and/or deliver your goods and services across the country and beyond – and you are not driving it yourself? Pace Car Rental can assist with that!

We are now offering car trackers which will be installed in your rental vehicle and will be able to monitor your rental vehicle all over South Africa and even across border rentals.

How this amazing service works?

  • Pace Car Rental will give you a login that you can access to draw a report that documents and tracks the rental cars movements for you.
  • This report will allow you to monitor the driver’s speed, their safety precautions, the distance travelled, and times.
  • This car tracking system will also be able to verify employees presence at a specific location and given time.

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