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staff transport options with Pace

As we know, the nationwide lockdown is moving from a level 5 to a level four from the 1st of May 2020. This means that more people can start returning to work, which means that the economy can start to recover some lost ground. However, not everyone has their transport requirements sorted out. That is where Pace can help you. Below are a list of staff transport options to consider when looking for transport during the lockdown period.

Vehicle Rental

The first option available is renting your own car from Pace Car Rental or Comet Car Rental in Cape Town. We have a wide range of vehicles from which to choose at low rates. This option is well sited to individuals looking at getting a car for a short term period. You can view our booking page here or Comet’s booking page here. If you have any questions, give us a call on 0112625500 or send an email to and one of our friendly and expert staff will gladly assist your queries.

Subsidize Staff Transport

One can also consider subsidizing staff transport for your essential staff. Rather than risking cramming everyone into one bus, you can hire a few cars for your staff. This allows two staff members to make use of one car. This is safe and complies with the current lockdown regulations, stating that only two people can go in a car designed for five people, and so forth. Contact us on 0112625500 or to find out more.

Minibus Special

Pace is also offering a special on minibus hire for essential services. If you would like a vehicle that can take five staff members and still maintain good social distancing, consider this option. Contact 0112625500 or to book a minibus for your essential staff. Similar to the other staff transport options listed, this one is a great deal for anyone looking to get their staff back to the office during level 4 of the national lockdown.

Long Term Lease

Another staff transport option to consider is to lease a car on a long term deal from Pace Fleet Services. You can view their range of lease vehicles by clicking here or you can call 0101411790 or email if you urgently require staff transport during the lockdown. Should you wish to, you can make use of the services of one of our 400 Uber drivers!

Rent to Buy

SA Motor Lease offers the best deals on rent to buy vehicles! If you would prefer a more permanent option, this is the one that you should consider. Unlike so many other companies out there, we extend our services to those who have been blacklisted. So those who otherwise would not be able to get a car for themselves can do so. Call us on 0116405000 or email to take advantage of this staff transport option.


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