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Starting a New Chapter In Johannesburg?

Starting a new chapter can often be overwhelming, especially if it’s in a city entirely new to you, that is as busy and dynamic as Johannesburg. As a consultant, student, salesman, or whatever occupation you may hold, working in Johannesburg can prove to be fairly daunting. Not to worry – we have put together a list of useful tips, designed to help make finding your feet in the big, new city that little bit easier.

Where to shop

Johannesburg may well be the shopping capital of South Africa. There are numerous malls and centers in and around the city. Each has a wide variety of shops that offer all sorts of goods that cater to everyone’s tastes. Some of the city’s biggest malls include Sandton City (which stocks everything from fast foods to designer labels such as Louis Vuitton), Rosebank Mall (home to the country’s biggest Sunday rooftop market) and Fourways Mall (known for stocking high quality local and international brands).


Johannesburg plays host to a number of different forms of public transportation systems. These include minibus taxis, buses, trains and of course, the famous Gautrain. These systems are responsible for getting millions of commuters to and from work every day. This helps Johannesburg stay the economic hub of the country. However, for those who tend to shy away from public transport and aren’t in any position to buy a car, there is always the option of cheap car rental in Johannesburg. This allows you to hire cars for long periods of time at considerably cheaper rates.


In the event of accidents or emergencies, it is good to know where hospitals are situated. There are a number of private hospitals situated in almost every suburb of the city. The ambulance services are normally quick and responsive. This allows patients to get to hospitals as soon as possible. Some of the country’s best government hospitals are in Johannesburg. These include the Chris Hani Hospital (situated in Bertsham) and the Helen Joseph Hospital (which is located in Auckland Park).

Any feelings of anxiety that arise from moving to a new place are completely normal. Taking the leap of faith required could bring about positive changes that make it all worthwhile. The fastest way to feel at home is to get to know the area as well as possible. Hopefully this list could help with that. Use cheap car rental in South Africa to navigate your way around the bustling metropolis.

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