If you are planning to visit another city for more than a couple of weeks and need a way to get around, you will need a vehicle. Long term car hire is a great way to get around. It is safer, easier, and more convenient than using public transport, which are known to be very unreliable. A long term car rental also works out much cheaper than using private or metered taxis.

At Pace, we have compiled some car rental tips to make your journey a smoother and more pleasant one.

Top 5 Long Term Car Rental Tips

1. Book long term car rentals well in advance

If you wish to hire a car for a month or more, it is a good idea to book in advance so that you can be sure to secure the type of car you want, leaving you with peace of mind as the time approaches.

2. Consider the type of car you need

When you opt for a long term car rental make sure that the vehicle you choose to hire is one you will enjoy and fits into your budget. Make sure it is comfortable and big enough to accommodate your needs.

If you will be driving around a congested city such as Johannesburg, you may want to hire a more fuel-efficient car.

Also, consider whether you should get a manual or automatic car. Some locations around South Africa are more pleasant to drive in an automatic vehicle.

3. Consider what extras you might need

With a long term car rental, you must make sure that the car you hire has everything you need as you will be using it for a while. With long term car hire, you are able to rent GPS units which would be advisable if you are unfamiliar with Johannesburg.

You can also generally hire a baby or child seat with your rental vehicle so you don’t need to transport yours all the way from your hometown. It is also advisable to list at least one additional driver so that both listed drivers are not limited and can swap driving if necessary.

4. Know the rules of the road

If you are visiting South Africa from overseas, it is helpful to know the rules of the road. The basic rule in South Africa is ‘keep left pass right’. It is compulsory for everyone in the car to wear a seatbelt while travelling and it is against the law to talk on a mobile phone while driving unless you are using a hands-free kit.

5. Safety first

Your safety is our main concern. When driving, always make sure you follow the road rules and rather 5 minutes late than never at all. Also when considering long term car rental make sure that the company you use has high-quality standards for all its vehicles and the cars are well maintained.