Car Rental Information

Car Rental Information

Renting a car from Pace is simple and straightforward – as it should be. To make the process even easier, we have put together some useful car rental information to help you with your car rental to ensure the best experience!

useful car rental information from Pace Car Rental

Use Johannesburg Car Hire for your Summer Road Trip

During summer South Africa’s roads are packed with excited travellers and locals embarking on road trip adventures. Read More…

The Ins and Outs of Renting a Car
Driving across South Africa, exploring her beauty and seeking adventure is something that we all need to do at least once in our lives. Let Pace provide you with the vehicle to make that dream a reality. Read More…

Explore the Heart Beat of Africa with a Car Rental
Johannesburg is known as the city of Gold, and pulls out all the stops to shine as Africa’s largest cosmopolitan. Read More…

Chicken Soup for the Consultant’s Soul
Starting a new chapter can often be overwhelming, especially if it’s in a city entirely new to you, that is as busy and dynamic. We at Pace believe in taking all the stress out of such situations. Read More…

Exploring Johannesburg on a Budget
Many people think of luxurious accommodation, fancy rides and endless bar tabs when going on holiday. Wherever you want to go, Pace can provide you with the perfect vehicle to get there. Read More…

How Renting a Bakkie is the Bomb
As faithful as your little car may be, certain occasions call for the use of another staple South African vehicle – the bakkie. One of the most versatile vehicles in our fleet. Read More…

We like to keep our car rental information as up to date as possible, please see our blog for more up to date car rental information.

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