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Pace Car Rental Johannesburg stocks the Hyundai H1 Panel Van and Ford Custom Panel Van with aircon.  These vehicles have a huge amount of carrying space and are equipped with roof racks for where gear is longer than the carrying space in the rear of the vehicle.  Our cheap rates on panel van rental are as little as *R800 p/d including VAT, standard waivers and 200kms free per day, if you rent for a week or longer. Call 011 262 5500 to book a panel van today!


These vans can easily be used as gear vehicles for film shoots or used for carrying loads that need to be protected from the elements or kept safe at all times.  These vehicles have a reasonably high roof, and can be used for small wardrobe vehicles for film shoots.  Pace Car Rental have the ultimate van rental vehicles with various sizes of panel vans and bakkies.

The dimensions of the load area for the Hyundai H1 Panel van are as follows.  Please note that our Panel Vans for rental come with roof racks for cases where certain equipment is too large for the back of the panel van.

Cargo Area (mm) Length 2 375 2 375
Width 1 620 1 620
Height 1 350 1 350
Load Area (mm2) 4 308 4 308


Panel Van Hire can be used in the following industries:

  1. FMCG,
  2. Furniture Removals,
  3. Appliances,
  4. Clothing and
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Television and Film

If you need to rent a panel van in Johannesburg or Cape Town, then Pace Van Rental is the place to be.

Call us on 011 262 5500 or email info@pacecarrental.co.za to book your next Panel Van Rental in Johannesburg or Cape Town now!

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